part one: How to extend your scrabble:
part two: First screen

You can :

  1. add your own desks
  2. add your own dictionary
  3. add your own letters
  4. add your own lettersets
  5. add your own servers to control the letters
  6. play with yourself "with predicted letters"
  7. add yor own cursors

1:Add new desk:

just create new text file in Data\desks directory with this rules:

2. Add new Dictionary

just copy or create new text file to Data\dictionaries
The syntax is [WORD][SPACE-if you want an description][DESCRIPTION OF A NEW WORD - optional]
for example  
dictionary user is loaded always. The words added during gamepaly is included here.

3. Add letters

Create image file (png(recomanded),jpg,bmp,non animated gif) with size 2^m x 2^n (ex: 16*32, but the square is recomanded) The game can accept even image of diferent sizes then 2^x but your computer needn't
Save it enywhere, in Data\textures\letters\......\....   \..\.. = whenewer you wish with name as you want.
If you create your absolutly saprarate letterset, you need to create also BACKGROUND of letters (or play with CUBE (F8 key) letters:-)
Background have the same resrictions as letter.  Default background is Data\textures\w1.png
hint: try to creat png letter (bckgrounds etc,..) with ALPHA blenig included in image. You will be very surprised
Now it is nessesaru to tell the crable where to load letters:

4.Add lettersets

again: just create, copy text file into Data\alfabets\...
otherlines are the letters of this alphabet:

5.Add yor own servers to control the word

  je ve slovníku
Maximlani delka 5

whenewer you added new server descriptor, dont forget to test it by select it on screen and press test selected ->start. However all selected servers are tested in jscrabble3d loading progress. And if not succesed, game is not started.


Just create somewhere text file. Each line, with 7 letters is row is one round of game, and you will have this letters. - = no letter
It is nessesary to finish the file with several ------- lines (it menas no letters and AI will stop playing).
be sure that the letterset you are using have all the letters in nessesary quantyty. (ex create letterset with unlimited quantyity wor all the letters;)

8 Add new cursor

Create new dictionary in Data\cursors
create and descriptor cr.txt
the synatx is [spannOfName][space][a][space][b][space][c][space][d][space][e][space][f][space][g]
all teh images needs to be an 2^m x 2^n and anly png is suported
beaware of alfa blending! it is sdtrongly recomanded to USE it

all  changes will be avaiable after restarting the scrabble

part two: First screen

save - will save the palyers list to scrabble-players.txt file
laod will load the palyer list.
doubleclick on player on list will alow you to cn\hange its values (don'yt press add, but press ENTER and the values will be changed)
addpalyer,removepalyer -no comment;)

mutiple word:some  people like play scrabble only with one letter to turn.. Disable this check box to alow this variant of game
check words computer will check the words you have put before accept your turn (dont remember to select some dictionary!)
check word on the web - look 5.Add yor own servers to control the word
allow players checks - each player will be asked  if the new apearece of the desk (*taht means all the letters palying one created) is (are) OK.
selectt letterset and desk for this game.
dictionary select dictionarieSSSSS  for this game (longest word can aproximate the length of the turn of the AI)
If word is found... extension for check words on the web
SAVE- save current settings (scrabble-settings.xml)
load -  load saved settings

Name for NOT... This name will be used instead of palyer list if you are the client of internet game.
IP adress of server - ncmnt
this computer is server - your computer is server, you need to SR\TART the game, others willl join, your players list is used (you do not need to be in, but it is recomanded:D )
Consoletime - how fast the console output will disapear
Console min time - how fast the console output will disapear if output is too long
randomize palyers - players will not play as is written in players list
enable inputconsole - allow cheatconsole (TAB key)  to be in game (you can used it for example to fAI finishes your turn, or find a word with regex...)
cursor - ncmnt
if word is not in... - extension for allow palyers checks
jokers to be changed - ncmnt (key J in game)
Allow turn test  - you can check your turn before send it to other players for check or to computer.
If turn is disagreed skip palyer - SadoMAso option, only 50% of sense with turn tests.
after chenging hthe joker lost turn - again variant of scrabble
only one palyer passes enough - again variant of scrabble, one player can finish the game, dangerous...
passes to finish -  ncmnt...
sounds - nesesary when youare making another work and ai or network palyer is playing. This will call you ("YOUR TURN" ;)
DISTRIBUTED AI- each computer in game will thing its part - very fast and good when playing against MASTER